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Vertical Forest to Clean Air in China

Image by Max Pixel You don’t need a PhD in geopolitics to be cognizant of China’s unfortunate record when it comes to pollution, animal welfare or human rights. Yet, the political and economic leviathan has shown promise and made baby steps in recent years towards embracing sustainability and green technology. …

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Wood Based Computer Chips

A recent article appearing in the MIT Technology Review described the exciting potential for using wood-based computer chips instead of the silicon-based chips which currently enjoy almost universal application. Whereas silicon chips are fairly rigid in usage as a transistor, wood can be processed into nano cellulose paper to provide a …

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Renewable Energy Jobs Continue to Rise

If you’re interested in breaking into the green job market, there’s good news within the industry. According to a report by the Environmental Defense Fund, jobs within renewable energies are increasing 12 times faster than the rest of the U.S. economy. Although President Trump has consistently supported fossil fuels over …

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