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Wind Power Generators Guide

Rooftop Wind GeneratorSince I’ve talked about wind turbines large and small over the past year, I thought it was about time I put out a wind power generators guide for those who want to know the top resources in this area.

I’ve selected four categories within the wind power generators industry to profile including Large Scale, Large Residential, Residential Rooftop and DIY Wind Generator Plans. Here’s my top list of wind power generators large and small.

Large Scale Wind Power Generators

General Electric is one of the biggest builders and suppliers of wind power generators in the world with over 8,400 installation worldwide and counting. GE has assembly plants in the U. S., Canada, Germany, Spain and China. And, of course, GE has large contracts with T. Boone Pickens so this is nothing to sneeze at as well.

Vestas is a Copenhagen-based wind power generator company that has over 35,000 wind turbines installed worldwide. The next time you’re in the area why not take your Vespa electric scooter out for a tour of the Vestas wind farm?

Siemens is another of the large players in the wind power generation marketplace with turbines ranging from 1.3 MW to 3.6 MW in size. Siemens builds both large, utility scale on-shore and off-shore wind power generators.

Gamesa is Spain’s largest wind power supplier that also has cornered up to 15-percent of the global marketplace as well. Gamesa claims 21,000 MW of power distributed to 13 countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

Suzlon currently has around 10.5-percent of the world’s market in wind power generators and is the fifth leading wind turbine supplier in the world. Currently, Suzlon is developing the largest wind farm in Asia in Dhule, Maharshtra.

Large Residential Wind Power Generators

The Helix turbine is a large, elegant, non-rotor wind power generator that delivers torque along its vertical axis. The Helix was developed for a large range of wind speeds in mind and for use in urban settings.

Bergey WindPower offers large residential wind turbines for farm, small businesses and home use. Most of their wind power generators are in the 10 kw range.

Entegrity Wind Systems offers 50 kw wind power generators for farms, large home, schools, small businesses and industrial waste facilities. Some of their larger systems can also be used for villages and small towns.

Residential Rooftop Wind Power Generators

Air X residential wind turbine can deliver up to 400 watts of power to provide supplementary electricity to one’s home or home office. At less than $600, one of these small residential rooftop wind power generators can run one’s electronic and appliances.

Swift Wind Turbine has a line of small rooftop wind power generators that sit just 2 feet off the roof and can supply supplemental power for one’s home.

DIY Wind Power Generator Plans

Homemade Power Plant is a set of do-it-yourself plans that shows you step-by-step how to create a home wind power generator to save money and promote a healthy environment. The plans are easy, laid out in a straight forward fashion and parts can be purchased from a home supply store.

Earth 4 Energy is another popular program with DIY’ers that is easy to use, easy to read and gets results for those who use these plans to build a wind power generator. Laid out in a little different fashion than Homemade Power Plant but these plans still have everything you’ll need to go down to Home Depot and get started this weekend.

Off Grid Living is for the more hardcore environmentalist who wants to do everything possible to get away from the Big Utility Companies. These wind power generator plans are from Les and Jane who have “been there and done that” when it comes to building their own homemade renewable energy systems.

This is my top list of wind power generators large and small. Of course, there are some resources that didn’t cut the mustard and make the list. Wind energy is an emerging market just on the cusp of taking off. Why don’t you get involved in your own wind energy project today?

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