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Small Wind Turbine Powers School

In Oregon, the Hood River Valley High School Earth Club turned a dream into reality by installing a small wind turbine next to their football field. Students who are interested in alternative energy did the legwork to make sure the 1.8 kilowatt wind turbine would fly high as a symbol of their commitment to green energy.

Energy Trust footed the entire $25,000 bill for the small wind turbine, installation and maintenance. The students, however, helped with the public relations aspect of installing the turbine. The noise and bird issues are two of the main concerns with nearby residents who have to look at and listen to the small wind turbine, day in and out.

So, the students went door to door to explain how this small wind turbine would impact neither and get a buy in from their neighbors. Convincing a bunch of locals with disparate views about these issues was not an easy task.

It’s good to see today’s youth so adamant and tenacious when it comes to demanding the power of the future (and here and now) be green. Perhaps during one of the high school football games, the kicker will also benefit from knowing the direction of the wind based upon the small turbine. Ya never know.

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