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Selsam Superturbine

Selsam SuperturbineThe Selsam Superturbine is an offshore concept that harnesses wind power while at sea to produce energy. Some of the highlights of the Selsam Superturbine include a direct drive generator, no transmission of power, self-aiming, floats, tilts, moves easily, serviced at sea or easily moved ashore for servicing.

Groovy Green points out that the Selsam Superturbine can lay itself down or partially submerge in order to survive an intense storm. The design of the Selsam Superturbine is like a bending reed or arched back where the spine will bend forwards and backwards easily without twisting that could damage the unit.

Not only will the Selsam Superturbine produce electricity, but also hydrogen, synthetic liquid fuels and it can be used to desalinate water as well. By attaching a blimp to the top of the Selsam Superturbine, it becomes more powerful and yet a similar configuration may work on land as well.

Instead of having one large wind rotor, which is the standard, the Selsam Superturbine uses several smaller rotors with faster rotational speeds and no need for a gearbox. With carbon fiber drive shafts the Selsam Superturbine will bend without breaking and deliver higher output than most standard wind turbines.

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