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Residential Wind Turbines Blow Away Competition

Residential Wind TurbinesI’ve talked about a couple of residential wind turbines in the past such as the MagLev and the Helix. Both of these are fine units. But, now I’d like to talk about the Air-X residential wind turbine that helps homeowners save energy while shelling out only a few hundred dollars.

Solar is another way to go in regard to renewable energy, but when is the last time you’ve heard of a solar installation costing less than $1,000? Air-X is a line of small residential wind turbines that one can use on the home, cabin, or in some cases boat.

The Air-X is a high tech residential wind turbine that uses a microprocessor to optimize alternator output and slow the blades in high wind conditions to avoid the fluttering noise and inefficient rotation making for a much quieter machine. The carbon reinforced blades also have a modified pitch angle, which helps to cut through the breeze and add more power.

The Air-X residential wind turbines produce 400 Watts of power when it reaches a 28 MPH wind speed and works in winds as low as 7.5 mph. The turbine also provides 38 kW per month in based on an average 12 MPH wind.

The microprocessor also takes care of efficient battery charging. For instance these residential wind turbines can charge a battery bank from 25 to 25,000 amp hours safely by shutting itself off when reaching maximum capacity. When sensing a full charge, the generator will come to almost a complete stop.

And, the Air-X residential wind turbines also have a marine version that works well on seaside cabins and on boats and ships. The carbon-fiber blades and coated aluminum body resists corrosion.

With residential wind turbines becoming more efficient and less expensive, its no wonder why manufacturers such as Air-X are blowing away the competition.

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