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Optiwind Offers a New Look at Wind Turbines

OptiwindForget the large utility scale three bladed wind turbines, or even the two bladed bird Cuisinarts, there is a uniquely designed wind generator that is now turning heads. Optiwind has come out with its Optiwind 150 & 300 Compact Wind Accelerating Turbines.

The six small five-bladed turbines parallel each other (three on a side) around a larger cylindrical structure (pictured). The turbines are said to accelerate the wind in a way that a single bladed wind generator cannot.

Designed for businesses such as hospitals, corporation campuses, college campuses or any large complex that has electricity bills between $35,000 and $75,000 per year, the Optiwind 150 & 300 can handle this large load.

The Optiwind 150 has an output of 150 kw (thus the name) and the Optiwind 300 has an output of 300 kw. Put aside your preconceptions on this one as this is just the kind of green innovation we need moving into an energy independent economy.

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