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Non-Turbine Wind Generator

Non-Turbine Wind GeneratorA non-turbine wind generator is shown in this video as a solution to third world nations interested in small scale power. Currently, wind turbines are based primarily on either a two or three blade design that turns a turbine to generate electricity.

The non-turbine wind generator is based upon the flutter of long strands of kite material spanning a gap and connected to button magnets on the ends that produce electrical current. Shawn Frayne talks about how he started thinking about this outside-the-box design in middle school.

When the kite material flutters in the wind it works as a lever to move the magnets. This design was conceive to solve an inexpensive micro wind option in Haiti where two or three blades turbines would be too expensive.

Besides micro wind turbines, however, this design has the potential to be scaled up to meet larger power generation needs. Think mountain passes, gorges, the ocean breeze plus other windy areas and this may just be the future of wind generation for generations to come.

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