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Nissan Expands Wind Farm

Nissan usually gets overlooked as one of the automakers actively seeking solutions to clean up the environment. GM, DaimlerChrysler and BMW are heavily invested in hydrogen cars. A bunch of smaller automakers like Tesla, Phoenix Motors and Zap are heavily invested in electric cars.

Nissan has made major investments in both of these areas as well with their X-Trail FCV hydrogen SUV and Altra EV and Hypermini EV concept. But, Nissan is also focused on providing clean energy at their automotive plants.

As such, Nissan is expanding their wind farm in Sutherland, UK from six wind turbines to eight. The additional wind turbines will provide 6-percent of the plant’s energy and cut CO2 emissions by 4,000 tons per year. The cost savings per year will be roughly $2 million.

It’s good to see many large companies wising up to the fact that wind energy can mean a windfall when it comes to both cleaning up the environment and padding their bottom lines.

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