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More Off Shore Wind Than We Need Government Says

Wind MapAccording to the U. S. Department of the Interior, we have more offshore wind than we need to power 20-percent of homes and businesses in the coastal regions. According to the executive summary by the Interior Department from 3 miles offshore to 200 miles offshore, particularly in the Atlantic Ocean, there is enough wind power to satisfy a significant portion of U. S. coastal electrical needs.

On the West Coast, there is also significant wind resources as well, though they are found in deeper water, farther offshore and present more challenges than wind turbines on the East Coast closer to shore. Some would argue that if they don’t want to see offshore oil rigs off the coastline that they also don’t want to see wind turbine platforms as well.

This is a point well taken. Some wind turbine structures most likely will be close to shore while others can be miles offshore and not offend the horizon. Wind turbines also don’t present the risk of oil spills as drilling for petroleum presents.

The Obama administration wants to go forward with renewable energy for this country. Wind turbines represent an alternative to the “drill, baby, drill” philosophy although they may not be as unobtrusive as a row of solar panels on the desert floor.

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