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Magnetic Wind Turbine Blows Away Competition

MagLev Wind TurbineMagLev Wind Turbine Technologies is trying to blow away their competition, so much so that they’ve even hired a guy named Larry Blow to join as the Chief Consulting Engineer (They have not released whether or not brother Joe was also courted as well).

MagLev Technologies made a splash in energy technology in July 2006, when they unveiled the world’s first permanent magnetic levitation (MagLev) at the Wind Power Asia Exhibition in Beijing, China.

As you can see, the MagLev wind turbine is not some flappy-armed giant or tight spinning bird Cuisinart that some environmentalists have objected to having near their back yards or in bird flight paths. Rather the MagLev wind turbine is a compact, self-contained device that uses magnets to lower the resistance needed to turn the flanges and create electricity.

Needing only a 3.3 mph breeze to turn, the MagLev wind turbine can generate electricity even in the lightest of breezes. Based in Sierra Vista, Arizona, MagLev Wind Turbine Technologies is headed up by Ed Mazur who perfected the engineering on this wind turbine and hopes to capitalize upon the fastest growing renewable energy sector in the U. S.

Mazur believes that by brining Larry Blow onboard that he will inject his vast experience and know how to move the company forward. Blow has working for various private and public entities in the magnetic levitation field including Argonne National Laboratory, General Dynamics and Maglev Transport, Incorporated.

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