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Kenya Installing Wind Turbines to Power Country

In October 2008, I talked about Ethiopia installing wind turbines to help their developing nation start to use green energy. Now, their neighbor to the south, Kenya is doing the same.

When I had talked about Ethiopia installing large, commercial grade wind turbines it was the French who were helping with the efforts. In Kenya it is the Belgians who have stepped up to the plate to bring the 165 ft. tall turbines to this African nation.

Kenya itself is facing a power crisis as the flow of the rivers has slowed meaning hydroelectric power production is down. In much of rural Kenya power consumption is low and each wind turbine tower will be enough to supply 1,000 homes with electricity.

In much of the U. S. and Europe, citizens have a “not in my backyard” attitude towards wind turbines, but in Kenya, people are eager for new, renewable power and don’t mind the wind generators’ addition to the landscape.

In addition, the Kenya government wants to expand the national grid by 150,000 homes per year, so the addition of clean, renewable energy to the grid is welcomed by many.

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