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Home Wind Turbines Offer Alternatives at the Grassroots Level

T. Boone and his Pickens Plan call for massive wind farms to go up all over the Midwest to supplement grid energy. But, what about those who prefer residential wind turbines so they can start weaning themselves from the Big Utility companies?

Home wind turbines have become increasingly popular in many locations around the U. S. for those who want to take energy matters into their own hands. In the recent past I’ve talked about home rooftop wind turbines, vertical axis turbines and different “odd” turbines that don’t use typical blades.

This time I want to talk about how homeowners from New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma to California are putting up home wind turbines to become energy independent from big corporations, roll back their meters and even sell extra electricity to the grid.

Take for instance Ted Murphy in Unity, New Hampshire who has been staring at a wind farm in his backyard and decided that he, too is going to get into the free, green energy action. Or take Kurt and Natalie Kemerer in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania who have installed a modest size home wind turbine and shaved 25-percent off their energy bills.

Then there’s Justin Yearby of Love County, Oklahoma who has installed the first home wind turbine in the southern part of the state. And, let’s not forget Robin Wilson, a homebuilder in San Francisco, California who has installed a horizontal axis home wind turbine in her Mission District residence in order to give it a green upgrade.

These are but a few examples of the movement of home wind turbines going up nationwide. “Energy Independence” has been such a huge buzzword this past year, but the real buzz is personal, home energy independence and this grassroots movement is just getting started.

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