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George Bush, Jay Leno and Ethiopia Install Wind Turbines

The alternative energy resource of wind energy is bringing some of the most unlikely characters and countries into the mix. Let’s start with President George H. W. Bush (love him or hate him, yeah I know) the prez has installed a residential wind turbine on his home away from home in Kennebunkport, Maine home.

Perhaps while the President likes to chop wood at his home in Crawford, Texas, when he’s in Maine he does as the Maine-iacs do? Install home wind turbines! Yet, I digress. President Bush has installed a Southwest Wind Power Skystream 3.7 and apparently thinks the skies the limit when it comes to this type of renewable energy.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum comedian Jay Leno has installed a wind generator on his famous Jay’s Garage in Burbank, California. Now, I talked before about wind generator plans for the DIYer, but Leno has taken the hands on approach to alternative energy to heart as his garage is mostly powered by steam and has hosted many alternative fuel vehicles in the garage.

From Jay’s Garage, Leno has driven hydrogen cars, electric vehicles, ethanol cars and even a steam powered car. Upon his garage Jay has installed a PacWind Delta II home wind turbine.

Now, since we are talking about strange pairings of people and countries lets throw Ethiopia into the ring. Many people associate cutting edge alternative energy technology with relatively wealthy nations.

So, it may come as some surprise that one of the oldest and poorest nations on the Earth, Ethiopia has wind farm ambitions. In fact, the French are helping them with their ambitions of building up turbines in the most wind-rich nation on the African continent.

To sum up, everybody and his brother is now getting into the wind turbine act. From George Bush to Jay Leno to Ethiopia and all personalities and levels of nations in-between, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind turbines. And, you can quote me on that.

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