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Chetwood Wind Dam

wind damThere is more than one way to harness wind energy as Chetwood and Associates architectural firm is quick to point out. While other manufacturers are building multi-bladed wind turbines or tilting at windmills, Chetwood is in the process of building a wind dam.

The Chetwood Wind Dam Project is being developed for a place in North-Western Russia on Lake Ladoga. The wind dam uses a spinnaker sail, similar to the mainsail on a large ship to capture air blowing down the gorge. The sail is attached to a turbine that will generate electricity.

The wind dam has a sculptural quality about it appealing to aesthetics while it is generating renewable energy. The sail is set to be approximately 75 feet high by 225 feet wide. Laurie Chetwood is the chief architect on the project and says that if all goes well, another mountain gorge on Lake Ladoga may also be considered for a future project.

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