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California and Oregon to Ease Gray Water Laws

With water shortages affecting many states this summer and beyond, residents and legislatures are looking for ways to conserve. One way to conserve is the use of gray water.

Gray water is not supposed to be drinkable but it can be used for other activities. For instance shower water could be used also in toilets or to water lawns and gardens. Washing machine water can be used for the same.

California and Oregon are both relaxing regulations so that homeowners can use gray water with fewer inhibitions. The use of gray water can save a household 25-percent of its overall water usage.

For California, this means homeowners will be able to install gray water systems without a construction permit starting August 4, 2009. Homeowners must still follow guidelines for using gray water such as water used to clean soiled diapers cannot be used for gray water and the systems must have minimal contact with humans and pets.

For Oregon homeowners, this means a simplification of permits and an expansion of the definition of gray water and what it can be used for around the home.

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