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Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2009 Picks 6 Finalists

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge encourages green innovation that will have a positive impact on everyone’s lives. This year 6 finalists have already been picked and could win $500,000 euro ($727,000 USD). The winner will be picked September 25, 2009 in Amsterdam.

In order to qualify for the top 6, the finalists had to do 3 things:

1. Show the potential of the product (or process) to reduce greenhouse gases with a rough estimate of its impact.
2. The product should be far enough along to execute in front of the judges.
3. The product should be ready to bring to market within 2 years

The finalist also has to commit to bring the product to market themselves if need be or commit to working with organizations who can do this. In addition, the finalist has to show up in Amsterdam and present their idea to the jury in order to claim their prize.

Here’s a rundown of the finalists:

Sanne Castro wants to develop a biogas system to provide energy to millions of people in developing nations.

Dean Gregory wants to develop low cost rooftop wind turbines that work in low wind conditions.

Michael Mathres has developed a feed extract that reduces carbon emissions from cow waste.

Robert Mathams coordinates individuals and transport providers making best use of overcapacity.

Hjalmar van Raemdonck developed an aerodynamic solution for trucks to reduce fuel consumption and noise.

Robin Chase is introducing innovation and flexibility to future and present rolling stock of vehicles.

More will be known about each product and process in the weeks to follow. Details are purposefully sketchy right now as to not tip one’s competitors too soon. And, unlike some TV competitions, no one gets voted off the island. In fact, the island will be a little greener because of each contribution.

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