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Atmospheric Water Generators Rising Like an Uncloudy Day

Willie Nelson WaterIs it humid in here is just me? You’re the only humid being I see. Yes, it’s an old joke but oh so applicable here. Atmospheric water generators have been taking off recently, well, into the stratosphere.

When I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s we had a dehumidifier that could pull the water out of the humid Midwest summer air and make it reasonably more comfortable. Now manufacturers have upgraded this concept and added all sorts of fancy filtration to it so that the agua is drinkable.

In fact, atmospheric water generators are so hot right now even famed crooner and environmentalist Willie Nelson has jumped on board. Forget that Bio-Willie biofuel stuff and the other ventures the country vocalist has been into. Now, Willie’s making water and money by partnering with Wataire International.

Not only does the atmospheric water generator suck the moisture from the surrounding air, but it also cleans and purifies it with a series of HEPA and carbon filters plus UV light. A company called Xziex has also announced their atmospheric water generator as well.

Seeking to replace some of the bottled water market in the more humid regions of the nation, Xziex is well, pulling water out of thin air and you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact of shipping small plastic bottles of water from Fiji or some other nonsense.

There is another market for atmospheric water generators that a few companies are just now exploring and this is for developing nations. Much of the world as we know it still exists without clean drinking water. Atmospheric water generators may help those in developing nations, outlying areas and places where clean drinking water is prohibitive.

Now couple these atmospheric water generators with a renewable energy source such as a small wind turbine or a few small solar panels and you truly have a sustainable source of clean water.

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