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Solar Windows Breakthrough from MIT Looms Large

Solar WindowsTwo days ago I talked about residential solar panels being installed standard in a master-planned community in Colorado. While most homeowners see solar panels as optional equipment for the home, in this 100-percent sustainable community they are part of the standard green lifestyle.

Now the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed more breakthrough solar technology for homeowners. Researchers at MIT have developed a new kind of window pane that is no pain at all. In fact, this solar window will take the pain out of paying power bills.

This solar window uses invisible dyes to concentrate sunlight and redirect it towards the PV cells, which have been integrated into the frames. Not only will this solar window make it easier for homeowners to install photovoltaic technology, without worrying about messing up their roofs and falling down ladders but the MIT solar windows are also supposed to frugal as well costing less that $1 per watt to build.

According to MIT, the cost reduction is due to the organic solar concentrators, which are the dyes that absorb different wavelengths of light and push this energy towards the frame, which contains far fewer PV cells than standard solar panels, yet producrd the same energy output.

So, imagine three years off when these solar windows are expected to hit the market, homeowners everywhere are replacing the standard glass windows in their home with solar windows. Some would say that replacing their windows may be a major pain (or pane), but the gain from the solar windows is extra energy, lower electricity bills and a house that is green to go for many years to come. For those who don’t do windows, you may rethink this one when it comes to solar windows.

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