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Solar iPhone a Patented Possibility

Solar iPhoneOn Leap Year Day this year (February 29) I had talked about a new solar iPhone charger that was on the market from Freeloader. Now, Apple has taken a leap of its own by filing for a patent for a solar iPhone 2.0.

Of course photovoltaic cells on small portable devices have been around for a while on calculators, watches and even toys. But, the iPhone is a power-hungry device, as are all cell phones that require a lot of energy just to operate. In fact, Forbes is reporting it would take up to 1 million wrist watches with solar cells to power one solar iPhone.

The most likely scenario that Apple is hoping for is twofold. First, would be a small panel of photovoltaic cells on the iPhone that would provide some supplementary electric charge. Two, Apple is thinking way ahead and imagining an iPhone five years in the future that can be fully powered by solar given a few breakthroughs in photovoltaic technology along the way.

Knowing that some people are already using solar iPhone chargers, Apple may just be wanting to give users an assist if they temporarily misplace their charger and need to make an important phone call or two just to get by. The technology isn’t quite there yet but this does open up some interesting possibilities for the future.

For instance, will we be seeing some geeky dude with glasses wandering around from sunlight to shade, talking on the solar iPhone saying, “Can you hear me now?”

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