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Solar Electric Light Fund Powers African Clinic

Combining social responsibility with solar energy the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) has just completed the largest photovoltaic installation at a clinic in Africa. The new 10kw photovoltaic system provides 90-percent of the electricity needed at the Village Health Works (VHW) clinic in Kigutu, Burundi.

Ersol Solar Energy AG (Ersol) donated 98 panels of 130 watts each. Without the solar panels the only means of electricity for the health clinic (which is fairly remote and about 60 miles from the nation’s capital) is a noisy, polluting diesel generator.

The VHW clinic mostly helps fight HIV/AIDS in this third world nation. Besides installing solar energy to remote African locations, SELF also delivers wireless communications, water pumping and purification and drip irrigation systems.

SELF is a selfless organization that not only takes care of the needs of the poor nations but does so in a green and global-friendly manner.

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