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Self-Cleaning Solar Panels Save Homeowners Money

Okay, so you’ve gone to the time, trouble and expense to install solar panels upon your home in order to save money on your electric bills and help save the environment as well. Now that you’ve done your part, your work is finished right?

Well, no, like all devices solar panels have to be maintained. And, it is this very fact that keep some homeowners shy from purchasing a solar panel system in the first place. How many people for instance would like to be crawling upon their rooftops on a steady basis to clean their solar panels?

But, a company named Heliotex has decided to address this problem head-on and design a system that cleans the solar panels for you. By regularly cleaning the photovoltaic panels homeowners can recoup up to 30-percent of the lost energy that dirty panels can have.

Dirt, grime and other particulate matter can also physically degrade the solar panels as well, so keeping them clean will help extend their life. In a time when squeezing every penny counts, letting the sun shine through in full effect will have a positive effect on the greenness of your home and your bottom line.

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