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HelioVolt FASST Solar in 6 Minutes or Less

When one thinks of solar energy, the word slow comes to mind. Soaking up the sun takes time. It’s a slow meandering process from sun up to sun down, hoping to catch a few rays and make something happen.

But, a company named HelioVolt has put the fast into FASST solar energy. HelioVolt has invented a proprietary printing process that will churn out thin film solar cells in around 6 minutes. These solar cells are also quicker than their counterparts in soaking up the sun with a 12.2 efficiency conversion.

HelioVolt manufacturers Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) photovoltaic cells with the aim of reducing costs by using less materials needed to produce electricity from sunlight and from its ultrafast manufacturing process that places thin film solar onto a glass substrate.

A week ago, HelioVolt also announced their partnership with Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co. (AGA). The partnership will integrate solar energy systems directly into exterior glass façades and standardized curtain wall products.

This will give designers and builders the opportunity to offer distributed solar energy solutions to those interested in green building materials. The idea is to make each building its own power plant.

Other photovoltaic manufacturers had better get on the ball, because HelioVolt is moving fast and FASST.

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