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Grid Parity Will Change Solar Energy Landscape

Once the cost of solar energy reaches the same price as electricity from the grid, then the state of “grid parity” will exist. California is close to grid parity now as it is one of the sunniest states with some of the highest utility bills.

At this point consumers may see the value of installing solar panels and cost averaging them over a 25 year period in order to realize the savings. Or better yet, some solar panel installation companies will do this for you.

They will install the solar panels for free and then charge homeowners a flat monthly rate over the next 25 years for the electricity produced and in most cases the cost will be less than that charged by the large utility companies.

The solar grid parity situation will also create jobs for entrepreneurs who will be able to compete head on with the utility companies. Given a choice, many consumers will opt for even monthly payments from solar energy rather than paying the winter / summer rates and changing fees from the utility companies.

Also, homes in sunny areas will be less affected by blackouts and brownouts in summer months during peak demand. In fact, in some areas, homeowners will be able to sell solar electricity back to the utility companies and roll back their meters. And this would be a sweet situation to be in, now wouldn’t it?

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