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Advantages of Solar Chargers – You Got That Sun?

Technology such as computers, tablets and smart phones come with batteries that require charging. Due to their sophisticated functions such as phone calls, Internet access, photography and many others, the devices consume power fast and furious and require frequent charging.

The last thing you want to see when using your iPad is a low battery message. Having a handheld solar charger may come in handy at such a time. These photovoltaic chargers utilize energy from the sun to charge your device.

All modern electronic devices come with their own free battery chargers (USB or wall socket) so one might wonder why you need to go out and purchase an additional charger. After all, if you can buy a smart phone, you most definitely have electricity in your home or office.

First, using solar energy is environmental friendly because it is renewable. It is therefore the ultimate choice for the environmentally conscious individual. These chargers are not tied to the grid which uses mostly coal, natural gas and nuclear power for generating electricity.

Second, a solar charger is portable and can be carried anywhere. You can take it with you to a conference, a camping trip, on vacation or any place. It will work in any location where there is sunlight and it can come in handy when you find yourself far away from a socket. All you need is to expose it to sunlight, connect it to your device and voila, you are good to go.  You do not have to stop working or enjoying yourself even when you find yourself in the remotest of places.

The third advantage is that solar chargers are small and compact and are easy to carry with you wherever you go. You won’t have to lug a lot of extra luggage when you are out communing with nature.

In the long run, solar power will prove to be cheaper for you and the planet since it is a one off investment. If a large number of people were to use solar chargers for all their small devices, imagine the amount of energy and pollution we could save for our planet.

And, it you ever get the hankering to build your own DIY solar charger I’ve included a link on how you can go about doing this.


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