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7 Solar Power Apps to Consider

By Guest Blogger Sharon Freeman

There is no doubt that solar energy is taking over, despite efforts by Big Oil to undermine its spread. Solar panels are easier than ever to install and buy, thanks to government encouragement. Even app developers are paving the way for cleaner power generation.

Australian solar panel installers GreenElec know first-hand the big role that apps play in bringing about the new world order. Director Gareth Felton says that apps have increased the efficiency of his business “tenfold.”

“This has given me the time to focus on different aspects of my industry,” Felton said.

Google Play and the App Store have many apps that can ease households into the strange but sustainable world of solar power. These solutions will bring some sunshine into your life:

  1. Solar Panel Suitability Checker

Intent is everything, but it’s another thing to realise a plan to use solar power. To get started, you should check if your property is suited to solar panel installation. Here’s the free app that lets you bypass companies that charge to do that for you. Just input your address and this app will determine if the roof of your residence is getting the most sunlight there or somewhere else. This app is only for iOS devices though.

  1. Solar Checker

Solar Checker can measure how much solar energy you can generate over the year and your lifetime. It can also give you a rough idea on the energy savings you stand to make from your panels within those periods. This app is designed in a way that you can get a different estimate if you move to another location with your phone. Free for iOS devices

  1. Photovoltaic

This app can predict your energy generation monthly and give you an idea of your ROI. You can even use your phone or tablet screen as a simulator of the photovoltaic glass. Developed by Gallic panel maker Technologie Solaire, the app can be Europe-centric though as you have to input data manually for your location if you’re not in the continent. Free for Android devices

  1. Solar Meter

While this app may also not work in the US, the promise is universally appealing. Solar Meter allows you to calculate solar power according to your panel tilt and orientation, which can be measured by sensor technology. Retails for $3 on Google Play.

  1. PV Solar Calculator

This app can calculate energy production not just yearly but daily. It can also calculate the AC/DC size, system cost, and total surface area. The app can easily convert between DC size and energy output. Costs $3 for iOS and Android

  1. U-Clinometer

Solar power tradies like GreenElec will appreciate this app, which allows them to determine the right alignment for a solar panel.

  1. WattRebate

As you may have heard, government is encouraging households to wean themselves off the fuel-based grid. This app will help set you for a life of sustainability. WattRebate provides leads on promos and tax incentives for your solar energy projects.

With these and other apps, you will not only rollick in the cumulative savings but also the carbon offsets. Sunny days are truly ahead, for you and the planet.


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Sharon Freeman is a professional freelancer who writes about builders and the latest news in the world of iPad Apps.


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Kevin is both an environmentalist and a tech guy and has been writing, editing and publishing this blog since 2007. He answers questions related to how you can use tech to go greener.

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