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State Of the Art Software Made to Save the Environment

In 2017, the world is a much more environmentally friendly place than it once was. Recycling is actively encouraged, companies give away free home insulation to cut energy costs, and various products are made from recycled materials, in fact upcycling (reusing and refreshing old furniture) has even become a popular trend. We live in a world that is more ‘green’ than ever before, and that is all thanks to the special measures that have been put in place by our governments after seeing the devastation that pollution has done to our world. Even technology is now built to be more eco-friendly than ever before. Bearing that in mind, today, we will be looking at some of the most state of the art pieces of software that have been made to help save the environment.

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Smart homes

Smart homes are not run on just one piece of software but many different pieces of technology. However, for the purpose of discussing the most eco-friendly pieces of software, it works well to group them together, as most pieces of smart home software work in similar ways. Running on the internet, these pieces of technology make managing many home appliances simple; all it takes is the tap of a button on a smart device and your oven, cooker, kettle, or heating, can be turned on or off, how incredible is that? It’s tech like this that makes leading a more eco-friendly life, that little bit easier, even for those of us who are a little lazy when it comes to turning off the lights in our homes.



Each and every day new apps are being built and released. Of the thousands available on the app store, there are some that have been designed to make leading a greener life that little bit easier. Anyone can make an app these days, it just takes a certain amount of knowledge and the use of specialist services like an automated API testing tutorial, for instance, and an app can be created. Apps like PaperKarma, JouleBug, and SeafoodWatch are all examples of pieces of software made to save the environment. These are applications that have been created by green activists who have realized the need for additional support for other people attempting to lead greener lives, and really are incredible resources.


Smart thermostats

You may think that these belong in the ‘smart home’ section, but actually, smart thermostats are something else entirely. Yes, they make up part of a smart home, but they are that incredible that they also deserve their own section. The fantastic thing about smart thermostat software is how smart it actually is; not only can these pieces of tech be controlled via a smart device, they can also be set to turn on or off depending on the temperature of a property. So when the optimal temperature is reached and maintained, the thermostat turns off the heating, preventing energy wastage. How incredible is that? These pieces of tech might be small but sure are they mighty.

There you have it, a guide to three of the state of the art pieces of software that can help to make leading a more environmentally friendly life easier.


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