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Eco-Friendly Equipment for Office-Based Businesses

Guest Blog by Dan Whiteside

As the world becomes more environmentally aware, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is determined to stay on trend. They’ve recently introduced a new line-up of eco-friendly and cost-effective printers with advanced colour printing technologies – but what other energy-saving products are proving popular? Let’s find out:

Manual shredders

Destroying bank statements, bills, letters or anything with your address or personal details on it is an important part of business. That’s why many people rely on manual shredders to do the job. They tend to be just as effective as electrical shredders – but they’re much kinder to the environment and often make less noise. Sure, you’ll give your arm a little work out every time you use it, but at least you’ll be doing your bit for the world around you.

Eco-friendly kettles

What would the working day be without a cuppa or two? A kettle is an essential part of office life, but it’s important to buy an efficient model. The Eco Kettle, for instance, has been awarded the prestigious Recommended mark by the Energy Saving Trust and only boils the water you need. It’s ideal for a workforce that makes tea and coffee on a regular basis, but don’t forget to take out kitchen appliance cover as this will help protect your assets.

Staple-less stapler

Believe it or not, staples have a big carbon footprint. They’re made from galvanised steel, which can take a long time to source and process, making some alternatives much greener. Luckily, staple-less staplers are available online and allow you to stitch up to six sheets of paper together – without using metal. This is good news for the environment and will help you attach documents in a more economical way.

Solar laptop charger

If you use a laptop to do the majority of your work – a solar charger could be just what you need. There are many makes and models available, but you should look for something that’s tough, reliable and water-resistant – so you can use it anywhere at any time. Most solar panels produce a staggering amount of energy in direct sunlight and can charge anything from laptops to iPods and mobile phones in a matter of hours.

There’s a wide range of eco-friendly products available today, so it’s worth looking around for one that can make you more environmentally efficient.


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