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AeroVironment Smart Charging Dock for EV and PHEV Owners

Smart Charging Dock

AeroVironment is used to building alternative energy devices and even vehicles. In January 2011, AeroVironment unleashed its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called the Global Observer which was powered by hydrogen.

Now, AeroVironment has unveiled it Smart Charging Dock for consumers in anticipation of large sales of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs). The Smart Charging Dock sits upon the wall in one’s garage charging your vehicle overnight (when electricity rates are cheapest).

In fact, this device is so intelligent that it knows when the power rates from the utility company is the lowest and will start charging your vehicle then and pause when new higher rates kick in. Of course this can be overridden if your vehicle really needs a charge in order to get you going (or in case you work the graveyard shift and need a charge when you need a charge).

In case you happen to have a power outage the Smart Charging Dock will restart itself. The device can be installed by a certified and trained electrician who also trains home users on how to operate the device.

In appearance the AeroVironment Smart Charging Dock looks like a paddle. In effect, this device will be used to paddle the behinds of everyone who continues to think that fossil fuels are the future.

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