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Will Renewable Energy Be a Boon for Indian Reservations?

This might be a silly question to ask about whether or not renewable energy might just be a boon for Native American reservations. But, here is what made me think of such an idea in the first place.

There is a 130-turbine wind farm that has been planned to be built off Cape Cod. Many resident have vehemently opposed the wind farm because they say it will ruin their views.

Now, a couple of Wampanoag Indian tribes are arguing that the land that the wind farm is supposed to be built upon may be protected under the National Historic Register. These tribes don’t want the wind farms on their lands.

But, not all Native American tribes may feel this way. In the West there are hundreds of Indian reservations in prime locations for both solar energy and wind (and of course, casinos) Here is a map of the reservations across America.

Likewise, the “Saudi Arabia of Wind” corridor in the Midwest also has numerous Indian reservations that would also be ripe for wind turbines. I’m not an expert in Native American culture, but I would surmise that many tribes seeking self-reliance and independence may wish to get in on the renewable energy boon that is upon us. Anyway, it’s just a thought.

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