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Voltaic Generator Solar Bags and Carrying Cases

Voltaic GeneratorIn January this year, I had talked about how solar chargers are charging ahead in the marketplace. Small devices to recharge cell phone, iPods and other items were on display in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show.

New on the market is the Voltaic Generator, which is a laptop carrying bag aimed toward those who want to use the power of the sun the recharge their computer. The market for the Voltaic Generator laptop bag is for people on the go who are traveling and may not have ready access to an electrical outlet.

The Voltaic Generator is the first solar bag ever created that is robust enough to power a laptop computer. It can generate 14.7 watts of power, comes with many common adapters and the bag portion is made from recyclable materials.

The Voltaic Generator is expected to be due out at the end of April. The company also makes several other solar-powered backpacks and messenger bags as well that are available now.

While the company expects to sell the Voltaic Generator to scientists and other business travelers, another market may be students. Imagine if you’re a student at Oregon Institute of Technology or one of the many other colleges across the country now offering a degree in renewable energy, what would you be carrying? Hop on your electric scooter and away you go.

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