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Gaiam Hot Pot Simple Solar Cooker Sizzles This Summer

Gaiam Hot Pot Simple Solar CookerIt’s not often that I blog twice in one day, but something came across my desk that has my neurons all excited now. The Gaiam Hot Pot Simple Solar Cooker will be featured Wednesday this week on Good Morning America.

Yes, it’s true that solar cookers have been around for a while. In fact, you can even make them yourself out of cardboard and tin foil. But, this low cost high performance solar oven takes the work out of doing it yourself.

Where I’m at right now (the Inland Empire of Southern California) it is 105 degrees and rising. I’m thinking that with the Gaiam Hot Pot Simple Solar Cooker my lunch or dinner will be done in a flash (not microwave flash, but quickly all the same).

The Gaiam solar cooker will heat food up to 350 – 400 degrees and it easy to folder down, clean and put back up again. The solar cooker even comes with a 5 quart enameled steel pot for soups, stews and fondues.

If you’re trying to go a little greener and cut down on power bills inside your home this summer, why not use some of the sun’s own heat to do a little cooking? Just say “I am” to Gaiam.

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