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Visionary Vehicles EVX / LS Bricklin Collection PHEV

Visionary VehiclesThe Visionary Vehicles EVX / LS is a plug-in hybrid 5-seat automobile from the Bricklin Collection. Designed by Malcolm Bricklin and Herb Grasse, the Visionary Vehicles EVX / LS PHEV is a luxury sedan that will compete with Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and Jaguar for 20 to 30-percent less money, while achieving high mileage.

With a sticker price of only $35,000 the Visionary Vehicles EVX / LS PHEV boasts a range of 850 miles and 0 to 60 mph acceleration of a quick 5.9 seconds. The cost to recharge the lithium-ion batteries at night, during off-peak hours, comes out to about 50-cents per gallon equivalent.

Even when the battery is fully spent, the small gasoline engine will run at a very economical 100 mpg and recharge the battery. The battery for the Visionary Vehicles EVX / LS will use phosphate-based cathodes that addresses safety issues inherent in other lithium-ion batteries.

In fact, Visionary Vehicles has just teamed up with Electrovaya, who will collaborate in the manufacturing of the Lithium-Ion SuperPolymer batteries for the EVX / LS PHEV. The Electrovaya batteries will provide longer run-time and smaller space requirements that other manufacturers.

Expect the Visionary Vehicles line of PHEVs to compete with the big boys especially if they can jump out to an early lead.

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