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PHEV ’09 Heads to Montreal Quebec Canada

Now that the Obama Administration is in office and apparently he has an affection for developing plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) its time to head to our neighbors to the north to get this ball rolling.

So, PHEV ’09 is taking place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada September 28 to 30, 2009. The conference will heavily feature PHEV’s with a few EV’s thrown in for good measure. This plug-in hybrid electric vehicle conference will be of particular interest to those planning to operate PHEV’s in extreme temperatures such as Canada’s far northern regions.

The private sector as well as the military will be interested in how these vehicles perform in extreme conditions. The PHEV ’09 conference also talks about “Electric drive vehicles are also considered for use in remote communities, the military and the lunar space rover program.”

So, plug in, tune in and attend this large turn out for those interested in PHEV’s and the implications of reducing our reliance of foreign fossil fuels even in areas with tough summer and winter conditions.

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