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Velomobiles Picking Up Speed As Gas Prices Climb

VelomobileWith gasoline prices soaring and the public sentiment souring over global warming and greenhouse gases, many people are looking for alternatives to help the cause. Buying hybrids, alternative fuel vehicles or riding bikes have become more popular with the public.

Also increasing in popularity is the velomobile such as the Go-One3 that I had talked about before. But, there are many other brands and styles of velomobiles from which one has to choose as well.

Some of these pedal-powered recumbent vehicles are even starting to come with electric assist for those who wish to navigate steep hills. Because of the aerodynamic quality of these human-powered vehicles (HPV), the velomobiles can also consistently outpace bicycles at around 25 mph.

And, velomobiles aren’t wussie vehicles either. The Varna Diablo HPV was able to set a record at 81 mph using pedal power alone. Velomobiles are gaining popularity from New Zealand to Oregon to the European Union.

This is because most of these HPV’s come with some sort of covering to keep out the elements and can carry substantial cargo such as groceries. A few of these vehicles even come with windshield wipers and will keep the rider warm in cooler temperatures.

With gas prices soaring, velomobiles are gaining momentum as realistic alternatives to improve fitness and decrease vehicle emissions.

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