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Go-One3 Velomobile with Electric Assist

Go-One3One of the coolest velomobiles that I’ve come across within the last couple of years is the Go-One3 model, made by Beyss, that I happened upon last weekend. This velomobile is a three-wheel, totally enclosed tricycle that is considered a human-powered vehicle (HPV).

Be that as it may, slackers or those with steep upgrades to travail can also expand the capabilities to this velomobile with a 700-watt electrical assist motor if desired. Powered primarily by granola bars and bottled water, this pedal-power personal transport vehicle is sure to turn heads.

No worries taking it on roadways, bike paths and sidewalks, either as the Go-One3 is considered a legal road vehicle, the same as a fully fared tricycle. The Go-One3 has high visibility, maneuverability and sustainability (as long as the rider has energy or the battery holds out).

This velomobile can also carry quite a bit of luggage on the back for those who wish to take it to work or for a quick trip to the grocery store. The Go-One3 may be purchased as a kit or fully assembled, though Beyss recommends the fully assembled version due to the complexity of the assembly process.

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