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Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle Wins Google Contest

Aquaduct BikeThe Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle by Specialized Bicycles has won $5,000 in the Google Innovate or Die Competition. Pedal pushers will appreciate the ease of use of this vehicle. By pedal power alone a person can use this vehicle to transport and filter water for the whole family.

Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle is designed particular for people in developing nations where attaining clean water is a problem. The rear of the bicycle can be filled with water and as the rider pedals the vehicle, water is drawn through a filter and into a closed receptacle in front next to the handlebars.

Once the rider of the Aquaduct Bike has arrived at their village, the clean water can be taken off and used by the family. In addition, if extra water is needed, the Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle can be placed out of gear and the pedaller can create clean water while pedaling a stationary bike.

Other finalists of the Innovate or Die competition included MIT Cycling, Multiuse Bike Machine, Velocytraptor Mobile Cinema, Dual Purpose Bicycle and Pedal-Powered Snow Plow

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