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Tata Motors versus General Motors – Really?

Tata Motors has just shipped the world’s cheapest new car for $2375 US dollars. For right now the Tata Nano will be sold in India where the vehicle is being manufactured.

The Tata Nano contains a 25 HP 2-cylinder aluminum 624 cc gasoline engine and a four-speed transmission. There is room enough for four passengers in the Tata Nano so the Smart Forfour better take notice.

But, who else is taking notice is General Motors. Since Tata Motors has made their announcement of the ultra cheap micro car, all of the big automakers including GM have been put on alert.

Now, General Motors has given a sort of nebulous report of an unnamed car of the future that they will build and sell in Asia for around $4000 USD. GM already produces a couple of different micro cars in China so this may not be as farfetched as it sounds.

Now, on a different level of competition, General Motors has been at the forefront of hydrogen car research in the U. S. with its Project Driveway featuring the Chevy Equinox Hydrogen. The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has announced that it has set up the first commercial fueling station in that country featuring a hydrogen and compressed natural gas blend.

One of the main forces behind the introduction of hydrogen cars into India in the IOC project is no other than Tata Motors. It really is a small world when it comes to the car world.

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