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SpillCam from PBS Document BP Disaster

Okay, there is something wonderful and tragic about technology at the same time. Sometimes I know that ignorance is bliss. Other times enlightenment is bliss. Many times I wish I could turn it off and on like a light switch.

Since the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast region has been such a huge environmental disaster and will be for months and likely years to come, PBS thought that a little technology was needed to document the spill.

So, PBS came up with this Gulf Oil Tracker widget that tells how many estimated gallons are leaked at any given moment. It is both outrageous and hypnotic at the same time. The oil industry is like the antithesis to green technology.

Yet, we need high tech to keep the oil barons in check and to protect our environment the best that we can. The BP Gulf Oil spill is just further evidence that we need to put more resources towards green technology now.

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