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Green Tech Gazette First Post

This is first of what I hope are many more posts to come in the Green Tech Gazette. The Green Tech Gazette is devoted to news, views and products in green technology. What is green technology?


By the name you can guess that it has to do with technological advancements in the environmental movement. Issues like renewable and sustainable energy will be discussed including solar, wind and geothermal energy.


Alternative fuels will also be discussed including vehicles that run off of hydrogen, biofuels and electricity. And, because this isn’t just an online news rag, we’ll also bring you information about practical green products that you can use in everyday life to that will help in reducing your carbon footprint and engaging with a more green lifestyle.


So, enjoy the news, opinion and products featured here and let us know any suggestions you have for improving this website.

About Kevin

Kevin is both an environmentalist and a tech guy and has been writing, editing and publishing this blog since 2007. He answers questions related to how you can use tech to go greener.

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