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Google Solar Instead of Search Coming Soon

For those who thought I was crazy, insane, off-the-wall, ludicrous, way off base and downright cuckoo for suggesting that one day we all may be able to Google our refrigerators, take note.

Google is now developing its new cheap thermal solar technology complete with mirrors tracking the sun, focusing its beams upon a heliostat, turning a steam turbine to produce electricity. You, say, “Yeah, yeah, whatever, Google has the bucks to outsource this to a number of companies.”

But, that is not what the world’s largest search engine is doing. Google is doing this solar research, development and deployment in-house with their own, paid engineers. Well, then you ask what search engines have to do with solar energy development.

Another good point. Google has made a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and help the world do the same. They have already installed solar panels upon their compound in Mountain View, California.

But, perhaps the search giant isn’t content with reaching into our homes and businesses through the Internet. Perhaps they would like to reach through to us through our electrical outlets as well.

Paranoid of me? Perhaps. But, Google has already partnered with 8 utility companies with their energy management and smart metering software technology. Let’s just hope that Google stays with its “Don’t be evil” policy and delivers green energy without invasion of privacy that some fear may happen.

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