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Fisher PHEV GTB-40 Bus Debuts

Fisher CoachworksWhile some people are wringing their hands, quietly waiting for the Chevy Volt or another plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) to hit the showrooms in the next couple of years, a Fisher PHEV transit bus has already shown itself to the public.

Funded mainly by the U. S. Department of Energy, Fisher Coachworks put the time, energy and manpower into developing a commercial PHEV before others have hit the marketplace. The Fisher GTB-40 PHEV transit bus was unveiled at the NextEnergy conference.

Based on an ultra lightweight panel construction with low profile, the Fisher PHEV bus is expected to get over 10 mpg. Now, compare this with a regular hybrid bus at 4 to 5 mpg or a standard diesel bus at 3 mpg and the PHEV offers significant fuel savings.

Like other hybrids, the Fisher PHEV transit bus also uses regenerative braking, but this isn’t the end of its fuel saving design. It also uses extra wide doors for fast loading and unloading, saving fuel at stops.

The Fisher PHEV transit bus can travel its first 100 miles on battery power alone before a small diesel engine kicks in to recharge the battery back. In addition, the bus will plug in at night during off-peak hours to recharge before the morning commute.

Public transportation has always been a more economical choice than 44 people jumping in their individual cars and driving. But Fisher Coachworks has just made the case for more efficient, effective and green uses for public transportation.

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