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Datexx SuperBattery Portable Hand Crank Charger

Datexx SuperBatteryHave you gotten a little cranky because you’re unable to use your portable solar charger at night to recharge your cell phone, GPS or other portable device? Are you even more cranky since you’re miles from nowhere and need just five minutes of juice to do what you need to do.

Well, instead of getting cranky, get cranking instead. The Datexx SuperBattery is a hand-cranked portable battery that can recharge all sorts of devices including cell phones, blackberries, iPods and other small portable devices.

Suppose you’re out hiking in the woods, miles from nowhere and you need to make a quick phone call but your batteries are dead. Or supposed you’d like to listen to music in your cabin in the woods or at the beach and don’t want to worry about the charge on your batteries.

With a USB connection the Datexx SuperBattery actually has two source of power. First, you can recharge it with traditional methods before leaving on your trip for 10 hours of battery life. And, when that runs down, use your human power to get cranking and recharge your devices.

In a time when many people are focusing on solar power or wind power as the main renewable resources, what is often overlooked is good old human power. So, the next time you lose power on your iPod, don’t get cranky, get cranking.

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