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California Sues EPA for Stricter Auto Emissions Next Week

Because the Southern California wildfires were raging this week, the California Attorney General’s office has decided to postpone engaging its lawsuit until next week. Attorney General Jerry Brown is suing the Environmental Protection Agency to force stricter automobile emissions standards for the state.

The auto emissions lawsuit will also impact 11 other states that will follow suit if stricter emissions are enforced. Stricter auto emissions standards that will reduce greenhouse gases could go in effect as early as for model year 2009.

Toyota has been one of the largest automakers to lobby against stricter standards, and according to some, putting profitability at a higher priority than the common good. Since California is the largest market for automobiles in the U. S., stricter standards will have a huge impact on the car industry and in particular those U. S. automakers that are unable or unready to compete with the likes of Toyota.

In a bit of tragic irony, the California wildfires this week have released the equivalent CO2 emissions of several million cars from the burning of trees and releasing of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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