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Suzuki Crosscage

Suzuki CrosscageThe Suzuki Crosscage motorcycle is powered by hydrogen fuel cell and joins forces between the Japanese motorbike manufacturer and Intelligent Energy from the United Kingdom. The Suzuki Crosscage is a cross between a high-performance motorcycle and a tofu-eating hydrogen vehicle.

Intelligent Energy, who for the past couple of years has been working on the less sexy ENV fuel cell motorcycle, developed the fuel cell system for the Suzuki Crosscage and just debuted their stunning bike at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.

Neither company has yet issued a press release or any technical details about the hydrogen motorcycle. The few details we know about the Suzuki Crosscage is that it uses a unique cross-cage frame, the electric motor is mounted inline inside the rear wheel, the speedometer is limited to 100 mph and it uses monoshocks, front and rear.

When more news gets out, however, you can be assured that the Suzuki Crosscage will be all the rage and you’ll be hearing a lot more about this zero emissions bike in the very near future.

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