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John Campbell the Hydrogen President in ’08

John CampbellThis is not a political endorsement in any way. I think we all know who the top competitors in this two horse race are right now. But, I found it interesting that one dark horse candidate named John Campbell is running as the Hydrogen President in 08.

On one of John Campbell’s several websites he says, “My most important achievement as president will be transforming the American economy from oil to hydrogen. The crown jewel of my administration will be the hydrogen car. By December 31, 2012, every new car that leaves a showroom in America—will be hydrogen-powered. I will take the lead in helping you—the American people—to get us there. Then on New Year’s Eve 2012, we will truly have something to celebrate and be proud of. We will have cracked the hydrogen code.”

The official name of Campbell’s project is called “Cracking the Hydrogen Code.” Now, while the other lead candidates are talking about the war in Iraq and the economic recession that we’re trying to claw our way back up from, I find it refreshing that one candidate has a singular, transformative platform as his agenda.

This isn’t to say that a person should endorse a candidate one any one platform alone, but at least we know where John Campbell stands on this issue. There is no flip-flopping or taking back what he has said. Now, if he only had a shot at Vice President, we could team him up with Al Gore and truly make a difference in this country in the realm of an alternative energy shift in this country.

Some will say the Hydrogen President is full of hot air. I will say that he is just a little ahead of his time.

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