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Hydrogen Fuel for Wales, UK

When I think of the Welsh I automatically think of the grape juice or the jelly (Okay, I’m not as worldly as I would like to be). I know the Welsh are known for many things besides this.

In fact, I am quite impressed now by the Welsh since I’ve found out that they are planning on building a hydrogen highway system in South Wales, UK along the M4 highway. The University of Glamorgan just off the M4 will be one of the stops since they already have a hydrogen fuel station for testing purposes.

The cities involved in this venture will include Swansea, Cardiff and Newport. The hydrogen fuel network will also be linked to Bristol, Swindon, London and the Midlands. And in some unknown time in the future I’m thinking the Brits will go all the way and link the stations to the three being built in Scotland as well.

One of the kickers to this whole proposal is that the hydrogen fuel is to be created by renewable energy. Of the hydrogen fueling stations in California, about 1/3 use renewable energy under the State’s mandate (which by the way has held back the creation of more hydrogen fuel stations).

But, in Wales, they are taking the bull by the horns so to speak and dictate that all hydrogen fuel produced will come from renewable means. One must wonder how much Scotland will play a role in this since they are already producing hydrogen using wind energy.

In a world now enamored with battery electric cars, it’s a relief to see that some people still see the value of hydrogen fuel and its critical role in a greener environment.

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