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E-One Hybrid

E-One HybridThe mobile E-ONE Hybrid Electric Command Center changes the face of fighting fires, rescues and other emergency response duties by going green. The E-One Hybrid is currently the first and only hybrid electric command center in the nation.

Based in Ocala, Florida, E-One is known as an industry leader in manufacturing fire rescue vehicles, having more than 23,000 such vehicles in operation. Complete with a conference room, workstations, video monitors and satellite hookups, the E-One Hybrid is also environmentally conscious.

The E-One Hybrid uses a unique power distribution system to convert “340 Volt DC hybrid battery power into usable 120 Volt AC power.” The auxiliary power configuration saves on the burning of fossil fuels compared to vehicles offered by other manufacturers.

So, the next time you see a large fire with a bevy of large fire trucks putting out blazes, you may see a bit of green in the midst of all the red as this mobile E-One command center has gone hybrid and won’t be contributing much carbon on the scene.

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