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Fuel Vapor Technologies Ale Running on Fumes

FVT AleThe Fuel Vapor Technologies (FVT) Ale is running on fumes, literally. This three-wheeled vehicle that they are calling a sports car (of course, we’ll see about this in California) is able to get up and go from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds and as also able to achieve a very economical 92 mpg.

In fact, the FVT Ale is so economical its creators have signed it up for the Automotive X-Prize (AXP) that seeks to hand over $10 million to the highest performing car over 100 mpg. To this end, FVT has decided to create a hybrid version of the Ale that runs primarily on battery electric power, with a gasoline and vapor assist when necessary.

The vapor driven three-wheel sports vehicle in unique in that it preheats the gasoline, vaporizes it and combines it with ambient air before it ever enters the cylinders. This expansion of the gas vapor and air mixture enables the Ale to use less gasoline overall while keeping its performance.

A small niche, company, FVT expects to hand-build around 150 to 200 of the Ale’s for around $75,000 each after the Automotive X-Prize is announced. They are also working on partnering with a larger company who will enable them to sell around 10,000 to 20,000 of the Ale vehicles at full production.

The Ale was designed as aerodynamically as possible in order to increase speed and decrease fuel consumption. According to its website, it is also able to pull 1.7 g’s while cornering which is enough to make the average person faint (they say they are working on this).

If the FVT is able to hit the 100 mpg mark while competing in the AXP, good things will surely follow, besides a shot at the 10 mil grand prize. For one this squid-looking vehicle will most likely be embraced by more than a few treehuggers who happen to have lots of green in their wallets.

A second benefit is who wouldn’t want a 100 mpg vehicle that they can say is always running on fumes?

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