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Trikke Puts the Fun in People Power

TrikkeTrikke is no trick. It puts fun in people power. In the past I’ve written about other people powered vehicles such as the velomobile and even the electric assisted bicycle.

And to some this may not be new news especially if you’ve seen some of these Trikke vehicles on the boardwalks near the beaches in California. But, if you’re trying to go a little greener and get a little more exercise than the Trikke is the way to go.

The Trikke is a cross among a scooter, a bicycle and a skateboard. The motion is more like one uses when skiing downhill, however. There is no peddling and you don’t have to go all Flintstone and put your feet on the pavement to make it go.

Just wiggle your hips from side to side and Trikke will do the rest. If you can’t get psyched for a bike ride try a Trikke ride this summer (or whenever). Like the skiing motion I mentioned, the company even has a model on ski blades for those who want a little different experience.

So, to sum up, if traditional exercise is boring and you’d like to go a little greener, try a Trikke for a new experience and something that will get your friends and neighbors talking.

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