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Green Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

During the Bill Clinton campaign, political strategist James Carville once said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” This became a rallying cry for people who were concerned about their jobs during the political season. This political season is no different and at least a couple of the candidates (including one named Clinton) are focusing on the economy and jobs.

A certain rapid growth sector of the overall employment picture are green jobs, especially those in the technical fields. Here is a list of some of the websites devoted to posting green jobs. Some of these sites offer green jobs in the USA, UK or other various locations.

Grist features worldwide green jobs with a database searchable by job and location.
• Environmental Career outlines a list of worldwide green jobs that can be searched by position and location.
• Ecoemploy offers green jobs in the U. S.
Earthworks features green jobs in the US, UK and other locations.
• Sustainable Business outlines green jobs in the US, UK and other worldwide locations plus offers searchable database by position and location.
Bright Green Talent offers green jobs centered in the UK and USA.
Edie is a large database of green jobs in the UK
• Acres is another job bank offers green employment in the UK.

One shortcoming of a least half of these sites, however is that you can search by job, but not by location, which means one may have to take a bit of time out visually filtering out green jobs that are geographically undesirable. Be that as it may, if you find the green job that is a perfect fit for you then a little extra work won’t be that hard to handle.

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